Trail Projects: West Coast


Ridge Meadows Trail – Maple Ridge Path Extension

The project completed the construction of a 3-metre wide, 0.56-km long asphalt multi-use path separated from the road by a boulevard. This provides a continuous off-road link of the Ridge Meadows section that is now 4.3 km in length.

Gray Creek Pass Connector – Matthew Creek Bridge and Kimberley Connector Trail  

A foot bridge in winter time, in a forest, over a creek, in winterConnecting St. Mary’s Lake Rd to the rest of Kimberley’s trail network and the Trans Canada Trail, via a new section of greenway starting at the Bootleg Recreation Site and the Forest Service Road. This trail crosses Matthew Creek with a new non-motorized bridge and then continues up to the current route on Army Road via the Mr. Toad and Shapeshifter trails into the Kimberley Nature Park.

Sea to Sky Trail – Drainage Repairs 

Drainage failures over the past decade have severely eroded the trail surface in this area. This project repaired and improved the drainage, and a 140-metre section near Starvation Lake was resurfaced.

Elk Valley Trail – Town of Elko Reroute (ongoing project)

This project was the first phase in rerouting the trail from a highway to greenway through Elko. The proposed route will traverse an existing woodland nature footpath, then follow a locally historic abandoned rail line to the town where it reconnects with the existing trail.

Skattebo Reach – Cycling Trail Construction (ongoing project)

This work involved smoothing the tread and constructing reroutes to lessen the grade sufficiently to permit two-way cycling. The upgrades allow bicycles to travel on a trail for half the distance between Castlegar and Nelson rather than on a busy highway for the entire 45 km.

Annual Report 2021-2022

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report looks back on the many accomplishments and progress made over the past year, all of which are worth celebrating.
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