20 April, 2022

Just in time for spring: Trans Canada Trail awards 166 grants to fund Trail Care projects in every province and territory across Canada

Trans Canada Trail’s Trail Care Grant program enables Trail operators to ready their trails to welcome people back for the busy season


Trans Canada Trail announced today that it has awarded Trail Care Grants to support 166 Trail organizations and volunteer groups, across every province and territory, that operate, maintain and enhance the Trans Canada Trail from coast to coast to coast.

The Trail Care Grant (TCG) provides funding for projects to improve Trail sections, support the transition from one season to another, and ensure that all users can safely access the benefits of outdoor recreation on the Trans Canada Trail. The grant recipients received grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, funds that can be used for a wide range of activities, including regular trail maintenance; small improvement projects on existing sections of the Trans Canada Trail; community cleanup events; and volunteer training.

“Congratulations to all the Trail groups who have been awarded a Trail Care Grant to prepare the Trans Canada Trail for the busy summer season. We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm from Trail groups across the country, and were inspired by the varied and essential projects that volunteers have planned, which are critical to the maintenance of the Trail,” says Eleanor McMahon, President & CEO of Trans Canada Trail. “This work ensures that all people can enjoy the Trail safely in time for the warmer temperatures ahead, and also year-round for many years to come. And I salute the passion and commitment of our volunteers across the country, who are integral to making the Trail the connective ribbon that it is.”

With trail use up 50% since the onset of COVID-19, it’s clear how much Canadians value access to natural spaces to stay active, take care of their mental and physical health, and socially connect with others. In fact, 95% of Canadians said they use trails to boost their mental and physical health. Those surveyed cited this as the key reason they used trails, in addition to affordability – because trails are easy to access and low cost. A new national Léger survey confirms that Canadians are using trails in increasing numbers since the onset of COVID-19 and that this trend is poised to continue.

“Canadians tell us that trails are integral to their lifestyles and that they use trails to access and enjoy nature, to exercise, and to enhance their mental health. And, an overwhelming 99% of trail users intend to continue using trails post-pandemic,” adds McMahon.

Trans Canada Trail, in supporting local Trail operators through an array of programs including funding initiatives like the Trail Care Grant, ensures the Trail’s sustainability now – and for generations to come. Trans Canada Trail supports local conservation efforts including the enhancement of green spaces, the protection of biodiversity, and the restoration of the ecosystems that underpin our economy and enrich our quality of life.