1 February, 2016

TCT Investments

Every month, the TCT grants committee reviews project proposals from across Canada requesting strategic support for TCT building, development or enhancements. The TCT is proud to announce it will provide funding support for the Shubenacadie River Water Route in Nova Scotia which will become a part of the TCT in 2016. In an area known for its natural beauty, there is no better way to enjoy traveling though the Municipality of East Hants than on the historic Shubenacadie River, just as the Mi’kmaq and Acadians did centuries ago. Travelers will be treated to views of rolling farmland, sports fishermen casting their line and eagles perched at the river’s edge waiting for their next meal.  This 23.5 km of the Shubenacadie River will complete the gap in the Trans Canada Trail between Carroll’s Corner, Halifax County and Stewiacke, Colchester County. This water route will allow the residents to celebrate a river at the heart of their community and to share it with visitors from around the globe.

Three locations will provide access to the river’s edge, a staging area, a small amount of parking and a non-motorized boat launch / dock and will greatly increase the recreational use on the river. Kiosks will be installed at all three locations with information on local history, river information, and a TCT map. In addition to boat launch compatibilities, there will be picnic and restroom facilities and future development of walking trails. This will provide not just a great starting point on the river, but a rest location for travelers coming down the historic Shubenacadie Canal on their way to the sea.

The first location is in Lantz and will be connected to the TCT via Carroll’s Corner. The second location is in Milford and will initially provide the same amenities as the Lantz location, but the municipality sees future development for this location in the form of trails. The third location is an 8.5 acres park and ballfield in Shubenacadie.