A national prevention program focused on educating Canadians and visitors to Canada, who participate in outdoor recreational activities, AdventureSmart collaborates with various partners to get their message as widely spread as possible. Trans Canada Trail is proud to be one of these partners spreading safety information by including consistent and relevant safety messages on our social and digital platforms to all users of the Trans Canada Trail.
Thanks to our partnership with BC Ferries, the Trail journey doesn’t have to end at the water’s edge in Vancouver. Three BC Ferries routes are part of the Trans Canada Trail connecting users to the extensive land-based paths on both Vancouver Island and the B.C. mainland.
Greatness, The Great Lakes Project showcases the importance of the Great Lakes for all who live near them, through history, art, culture and recreation. Created after a series of roundtables hosted by Her Honour the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Greatness supports activities to connect people with the Great Lakes, while inspiring them to commit to a future of sustainable engagement with these vast bodies of water.
Institute for Canadian Citizenship and Trans Canada Trail are not-for-profit organizations that have much in common. We are both passionate about our country, and the health and well-being of Canadians. Together, we aim to encourage active citizenship and to broaden the community of active outdoor enthusiasts Canada-wide on the Trans Canada Trail, focusing on inclusion, and opportunities to connect via #BetterTogether Instameets.
Northumberland Ferries has been transporting
passengers since 1941, and their 75-minute route between Wood Island, Prince Edward Island, and Caribou, Nova Scotia, is the link between the two provinces on the Trans Canada Trail.
Parks Canada logo
On behalf of the people of Canada, Parks Canada protects and presents nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage, while fostering public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure the ecological and commemorative integrity of these places for present and future generations. This federal agency also provides funding to Trans Canada Trail, to further development and promotion of our national Trail.
Both created with the mission to make Canada better known to Canadians and the world, Trans Canada Trail and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society are naturally friends! Over the years, Trans Canada Trail and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society have worked together closely on a special edition of Canadian Geographic and two renditions of The Great Trail Treasure Hunt, among other exciting projects.
Take Your Seat uses a camera, pen, and director's chair to share the narratives that connect us all to each other, our planet, and our best selves. Inviting us to fall in love with the natural diversity of our country, Take Your Seat shares its stories with Canada and the world in photographic books, public exhibitions, and in Canada's largest airport. Trans Canada Trail is thrilled to provide this extraordinary project with expedition guidance and mapping to make their vision a reality.
Tourism Industry Association of Canada is responsible for representing tourism interests at the national level, and its advocacy work involves promoting and supporting policies, programs and activities that will benefit the sector’s growth and development. We’re proud to be a member of this association, which reflects partnerships among all sectors of the industry, and provincial, territorial and regional tourism associations.
Tourism Industry Association of Ontario leads the way in government relations on behalf of the Ontario tourism industry, including tourism businesses and operators, destination marketing organizations, regional tourism organizations and educators. We’re proud to be a member of Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, and we value the opportunity to see that our Trail plays its role in raising the profile and economic importance of Ontario’s tourism industry.
An award-winning blog/online magazine that focuses on Canadian travel culture, Toque & Canoe has a strong presence in Canadian travel media and a distinct writing style that readers love – and so do we! Trans Canada Trail is thrilled to collaborate with Toque & Canoe to produce engaging travel content with celebrated storytellers and extraordinary photographers on the Trans Canada Trail.
A not-for-profit association representing the tourism stakeholders within the Vancouver Island region, Tourism Vancouver Island aims to increase awareness and desire to travel to the region. Together, Trans Canada Trail and Tourism Vancouver Island support and promote active outdoor experiences by creating emotional connections through #BetterTogether Instameets and collaborating on various marketing campaigns to extend social and online presence.
Tasked with marketing the province of Manitoba to the world, Travel Manitoba has partnered with Trans Canada Trail to increase awareness of the Trail in the province to a wider audience. This mutually beneficial relationship allows us both to create strong connections to the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba and to meet the significant demand for authentic outdoor tourism experiences via shared digital and social campaigns.