Mathieu Roy

Mathieu Roy

Chief Executive Officer

Mathieu brings more than 20 years of experience and a strategic, innovative mindset to his role as Chief Executive Officer with Trans Canada Trail.

Mathieu is a professional engineer with the Order of Engineers of Quebec. He co-founded and led his own environmental consulting firm, and brings a wide range of both leadership and hands-on experience to the organization.

Mathieu joined Trans Canada Trail in 2017 as Vice-President, Chief Trail Experience Officer. In this role, he led trail operation and development, as well as strategic alliances with a variety of stakeholders. Mathieu helped execute Trans Canada Trail’s $30-million funding relationship with Parks Canada and worked to deliver on the objectives of a $55-million agreement with the federal government.

Mathieu lives close to the La Montagnarde section of the Trans Canada Trail, which he explores on his bike in summer and on skis in winter.