22 May, 2024

Trail Profile: Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw Beaver Hill Road Trail

A man riding a bike under a bridge. | Un homme faisant du vélo sous un pont.

Trail users can enjoy a continuous path through the Saskatchewan River Valley, including the Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw – City of Edmonton Trail, Strathcona County and Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw – Fort Saskatchewan sections of the Trans Canada Trail. The river valley trail traverses the city of Edmonton, passing through urban sections, several cultural attractions, parks, and boreal forest. You can enjoy a wide range of activities year-round, from walking and hiking to cycling, cross-country skiing and more.

Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw was given its name by Elder Jerry Saddleback. The name is in nêhiyawêwin, the Cree language, and invites everyone to “sing the song” of the river valley, which will nurture a deeper sense of responsibility and belonging for all who traverse the trail.

What we love about this Trail section

City skyline view from hilltop, buildings and skyscrapers against blue sky, urban Edmonton landscape. | Vue sur les toits de la ville depuis le sommet d'une colline, les bâtiments et les gratte-ciel contre le ciel bleu, le paysage urbain d'Edmonton.

It passes through ten municipal parks and alongside several attractions, including the Muttart Conservatory, Fort Edmonton Park, the Alberta Legislature and more.

It includes the Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw Underslung Pedestrian Bridge, offering a car-free way to easily cross the Saskatchewan River while following the Trail.

It provides a nature corridor for wildlife in the area.

It’s an active transportation network for commuters and recreational trail users.

Edmonton trail system, West to East and beyond 

A paved path leading towards a city skyline in the background. | A paved path leading towards a city skyline in the background.

The Saskatchewan River Valley trail system spans over 70 kilometres and offers prime hiking, walking, cycling, rolling and even horseback riding sections. In the west end of the city, Terwillegar Park offers a network of trails in a beautiful green area with lovely river views, plus a footbridge! 

In the city of Edmonton, you’ll pass by several popular spots, so you can hop on and off the trail as you explore Fort Edmonton Park, the High Level Bridge, the Muttart Conservatory and even the funicular! You’ll also find great coffee and food, galleries and a vibrant urban atmosphere. 

Murals and bridges, oh my! 

The Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw Tawatinâ LRT Bridge features a mix of unique designs, adding a vibrant touch to the structure. | Le Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw pont Tawatinâ LRT présente un mélange de designs uniques, ajoutant une touche dynamique à la structure.

The city of Edmonton features tons of public art – like the ultra-shiny Talus Dome – and you can find some on the Trail! Along the Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw – City of Edmonton Trail, check out a beautiful mural on the Tawatinâ LRT Bridge, created by artist David Garneau. 

You’ll also cross several footbridges and cycling bridges along your route. In Fort Saskatchewan, you’ll find the underslung pedestrian bridge that links the Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw – Fort Saskatchewan Trail to the Athabasca Landing Trail. 

River Valley Alliance Trek the Trails guides and more 

Our friends at the River Valley Alliance have prepared a wealth of materials about the River Valley trail system, which is accessible year-round. Their Trek the Trails guides cover popular parts of the trail including the Terwillegar Park trail network, an Indigenous art park walk, and even a coffee-meets-trail-section list for the coffee enthusiasts among us. 


The Amisk Wacîw Mêskanaw Beaver Hill Road Trail is one of 10 locations celebrating Trail Care Day on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Join Trans Canada Trail and River Valley Alliance at the Alfred Savage Centre from 9:30 am to 1:30 am. More details here.