30 November, 2021

Wild Places, Wild Faces: A Year in Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic had an unanticipated silver lining for Scott and Trevor Haldane: it sent father and son outside to explore their incredible natural surroundings. There, Scott and Trevor discovered a shared love for amateur nature photography – often on the Trans Canada Trail – and formed a stronger bond in the process.

After capturing so many incredible moments, they wanted to give back by hosting a fundraiser for Trans Canada Trail. On November 23, they hosted an online photography presentation showcasing wildlife, landscapes and stories from across Canada.

Participants were invited to make a donation in support of Trans Canada Trail and 150 people were in attendance on the big day! They donated a total of $4,200, which will help us keep the Trail accessible to all users, year-round!

A recording of their presentation is available for anyone who was not able to attend the live event:

After watching the recorded event, if you would like to make a donation to support Trans Canada Trail, visit the event’s donation page.

A big thank you goes out to Scott and Trevor Haldane, as well as everyone who participated in the event! Your support is truly appreciated.


About the Presenters

Trevor Haldane

Trevor learned to love the outdoors from an early age, through canoe trips with his grandad and summers at camp.

In the last few years, Trevor spent time photographing wildlife in the parks and ravines of Toronto. This part-time hobby blossomed into a full-time passion during the COVID-19 pandemic. He found the quiet, active lifestyle, and focus of wildlife photography to be a great boost to his mental health during these stressful times.

One year ago, Trevor moved from Toronto, Ontario, to Fernie, British Columbia. He was thrilled to enter a new landscape, home to a vast array of wildlife. He has since kept himself busy photographing bees, bears and everything in between.

Scott Haldane

Scott’s dad, Gib, was an avid birdwatcher and canoe camper who had an astounding knowledge of the natural world. Gib’s influence made a lasting impression on his eldest son.

Scott’s interest in photography began with backpacking trips across Europe in the mid-1970s and has continued through more than four decades. As the former CEO of YMCA Canada and the Rideau Hall Foundation, as well as a travel enthusiast, Scott has travelled around the world and has made a point to explore new places and photograph his experiences to learn more about diverse communities and cultures.

When the pandemic hit Canada in March 2020 and travel plans were put on hold, Scott refocused his camera on the incredible variety of wildlife in and around the forests, ponds and rivers of the Ottawa/Gatineau region. As his son, Trevor, discovered the same passion, father and son built on their close relationship through a shared passion for nature and the trails that give them access to the wild world.

“As a nature-loving family living across the country from one another, we feel a strong connection with TCT’s mission to connect the country, celebrate nature and embrace the outdoors.”

– Trevor and Scott Haldane

Thank you