Trans Canada Trail Webinar Series

Together with our partners, donors and volunteers we have created an epic trail of trails — the Trans Canada Trail – that connects Canadians to nature and to one another.

Our webinars

We’re excited to share our brand new Trans Canada Trail Webinar Series! These sessions will bring together trail sector leaders from across Canada and beyond, and offer incredible learning opportunities. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate so the webinar series is free for all to attend. 

All trails, including the Trans Canada Trail, require ongoing support, development and protection so they can continue to contribute to the health of people and communities.  

Through this webinar series, we’ll bring together leaders from the Trans Canada Trail network and the global trail sector who will share their expertise and unique perspectives. With these opportunities to learn from each other, as a sector we’ll further develop our skills and knowledge by sharing trends, innovations and best practices so that, together, we can positively impact trails around the world. 

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webinar series

Whether you’re a trail builder, an advocate, a volunteer, a staff member, or someone who’s interested in getting involved with the global trail sector for the first time, these webinars will provide the necessary tools and resources to create, develop and maintain trails and trail networks in our communities.   

Webinar sessions are presented in English and French and closed captioning is available. 

Upcoming webinars

These webinars are offered free of charge so that everyone can participate! Be sure to sign up early so that you can get the scoop on all the trail-related things you’ve been wanting to learn about.  

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Never miss a session 

We get it – we’re all busy and sometimes we can’t attend a live session like we’d hoped. But we have good news! Every session is recorded so you can watch it when you are available. 

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