A Tiny Trot (for Terry Fox)

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January 1, 1970


Could it be the most charming name of any Canadian town? On the southeast shore of Georgian Bay, there’s a picturesque township called Tiny. The 12,000-resident town was named in 1822 after the pet dog of Lady Sarah Maitland, wife of a former Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Tiny has much more history than lapdogs with precious names. Various sites in the region are recognized for their pre-contact archaeological value, including nearby Awenda Provincial Park, where excavations have uncovered sites dating from the Paleo-Indian period. Indigenous peoples of the area were hunter-gathers living mostly in small family groupings, coming together during particular times of the year to collect resources such as fish or berries. These days, the tight-knit, multilingual residents of Tiny – like all of us – try to stay active throughout the seasons. One of the most popular annual outdoor activities is a springtime event with an adorable name: the Tiny TROT.

Tiny Trail

Coinciding with National Health and Fitness Day, the mission of the Tiny TROT is to encourage people to get outside and be active. Community members and visitors are invited to the three-kilometre “trot” in the spirit of healthy living. The route follows a reclaimed CN railway section of The Great Trail, aptly named the Tiny Trail. Participants can tackle the course however they deem fit: run, ride a bike, walk with a stroller, dance to Elton John songs, whatever inspires! The Tiny TROT, however, is not a race. The point is to get outside, and stroll with friends and friends-to-be.

Good Exercise, Good Cause

While promoting healthy living, the event also acts as a fundraising event for the Terry Fox Foundation. While there is no fee to partake in the event, participants are encouraged to drop a few coins in the provided receptacles – they call it “Twoonies for Terry.” Tax receipts are provided for donations over $20, and every cent goes toward cancer research.

Don’t just trot and run!

After cruising along the Trail, participants should head to Perkinsfield Park to check out the post-event party. Locals and visitors are invited to interact with exhibitors, participate in well-being activities (yoga and tai chi), watch demonstrations, and learn more about local farming initiatives. Parents can obtain information about summer programs by chatting with summer staff. Kids can try the mobile skate park, where skateboards, scooters and helmets are provided for free use. Finally, various local healthcare providers will be on site to talk about the services offered in the community. When the gang gets hungry, lunch is just $2. Grab the food and sit in the park’s pavilion, where live musicians will play a selection of music, including francophone classics. Plan for a Tiny day with a great amount of goodness!

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Tiny Trot


June 2, 2018


Tiny, Ontario

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