Trail Funding Program: Climate Emergency Support Fund


The Climate Emergency Support Fund (CESF) is intended for those groups in need of financial support to reopen their trail to a safe and usable condition following a natural climate event (e.g., flood, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, forest fire, etc.).

The CESF will remain open until the available funding is exhausted.

Due to the limited capacity of the emergency fund, successful groups may receive less than what they have requested.


  • All applications must meet the general eligibility requirements outlined in Section 2 of the Trail Funding Program’s Framework
  • Applicants must confirm that all applicable codes, bylaws and regulations pertinent to the project and region will be met
  • Applicants must provide valid proof of liability insurance, as it pertains to the section of the Trail where the project is taking place
  • Applicants must fill out the eligibility questionnaire at the beginning of the application form, and provide any additional information required
  • Projects must not require special permits, studies, assessments, consultations or major infrastructure work
  • Projects must be shovel-ready (i.e., no pending permissions or approvals, all contract quotes received, no pending matching funds) and be able to be completed within the fiscal year of application

Examples of eligible projects

  • Repair of damage to the Trail caused by: 
    • Natural disasters or weather events – steps required to quickly reopen a Trail section
  • General maintenance of the Trail including: 
    • Trail surface work (re-gravelling/resurfacing due to washouts, removal of fallen trees and storm debris)
    • Minor structural repairs not involving infrastructure components (benches, fences, railings, etc.)
    • Erosion and drainage repairs not involving major infrastructure components
    • Drainage improvements that do not involve infrastructure components
This funding stream is not opened at the moment.