Where to paddle on the Trans Canada Trail

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From the ancient water trails traversed by Indigenous peoples to the trading routes of voyageurs, Canada’s water routes have played a crucial role in the creation of our national identity. Today, a new generation of adventurers are connecting to this rich history across the Trans Canada Trail’s many waterways. Here’s everything you need to explore Canada’s best waterways this summer.

Our top 5 Trail sections

  1. Lake Superior Water Trail
    • Ontario
  2. Bras d’Or Lake Water Route
    • Nova Scotia
  3. Chief Whitecap Waterway
    • Saskatchewan
  4. Salish Sea Marine Trail
    • British Columbia
  5. Path of the Paddle
    • Ontario and Manitoba

Keep exploring, consult our interactive map.

Could you paddle for hours?

We’ve got you covered. Immerse yourself in this serene 5-hour outing near Vancouver Island.

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