Trail Data & Research

Trail Builders

At Trans Canada Trail, we are committed to supporting trail organizations across Canada in their development and enhancement efforts. We strive to provide valuable information and insights that empower trail builders countrywide.  


The landscape of trails is constantly evolving. That’s why we invite you to collaborate with us and explore opportunities to conduct research together. By partnering with Trans Canada Trail, you can contribute to the advancement of our collective understanding of trails and their impact on communities. 

Trail Visitation Reports

Delve into the rich insights provided by our Trail Visitation Reports, made possible through our partnership with Propulso. By accessing this data, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of trail visitation patterns, user demographics and usage trends. Explore the wealth of information available to enhance your trail management strategies and optimize the trail experience for all users. Click here to visit the newly made Propulso page and unlock the power of trail visitation data. 


Other Research Projects

Discover the opportunity to collaborate with Trans Canada Trail on various research projects aimed at advancing our understanding of trails and their impact. Whether you’re interested in conducting studies on trail ecology, community engagement or recreational activities, we welcome your partnership. Reach out to us to explore how you can contribute to shaping the future of trail development and management. Contact Us to discuss potential research collaborations and join us in our mission to create exceptional trail experiences. 



Explore our collection of research reports, where we delve into various aspects of trail development, usage patterns and the benefits trails bring to society. These reports are a testament to our commitment to evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement in trail management practices. 


Explore a treasure trove of insights derived from a variety of surveys, including those conducted by Léger, one of Canada’s leading research firms. Our survey findings offer a comprehensive understanding of the preferences, behaviours and perceptions of people’s preferences, behaviours and perceptions, and stakeholders countrywide. Delve into the data to uncover trends, gather feedback and inform evidence-based decision-making.  

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